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Membership Agreement

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Membership Agreement

Red Apple Academy is a TK-12 is a community program whose purpose is to put Christian principles and values into practice through programs that equip and strengthen families to become leaders in their community making a positive difference in the world. We are part of The Red Apple Project which is a non-profit organization committed to bringing alternative educational resources and experiences to families and their children. We collaborate with independent teachers and businesses who come together at one location to deliver their services. We provide opportunities for student social functions, parent events, mom’s bible study, assemblies, and other volunteer activities. In this parent-choice program, we come alongside you and your family to partner together to make an exceptional and memorable educational experience for your children that will make a lasting impact on their lives.

We have three requirements to be part of our program and community:

  1. Volunteer Hours

    Every family is required to serve volunteer hours or positions to support the program. Parents must serve 6 hours per day of attendance per semester. (E.g. if your student(s) attend 3 days a week, parents are required to serve 18 hours total per semester.) This does not apply to on-line classes. A sign-up link will be provided to allow members to pick hours from the shifts available. If a family is not available to serve volunteer hours, they should not register their student for any classes. There are no exceptions.
    Missed Volunteer Shift
    Consequences for a missed shift:
             > Possible suspension of program membership
             > Must attend a meeting with a program director to review program requirements to lift suspension.
             > Required to make up the missed shift, as well as an additional shift of the same amount of hours.
             > A second NO-SHOW can result in program expulsion. The safety and quality of the program depends on our volunteers to show up. **If monitoring hours are not completed within a 16 week semester, then the family will not be able to register for the  next semester.
  2. Parent/Student Handbook & Program Orientation
    Families agree to abide by the policies in the Parent/Student Handbook and will attend a Program Orientation.
  3. Membership Fee:
    Families must pay the non-refundable registration fee in the amount of $145 per student per semester.
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By typing my FIRST and LAST name below, you understand, agree, and will adhere to our membership requirements.